Подборка редкой хроники войны во Вьетнаме (США, без звука) 1970-1971 годы

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Пока только пара записей, хроника без звука вообще, но это первые на мой взгляд полностью не постановочные кадры быта американских солдат во Вьетнаме.
Снимает не профессионал. Оператор по видимому долго снимал своих сослуживцев, так как они вообще не обращают внимание на камеру.
Много эффектных ранее неизвестных кадров, особенно десанта.

A-1-5 1-й воздушной кавалерии, Бинь, провинция Туя — 1971 год

Silent. This short film is about one phase of a brigade wide sweep search of Unidentified Radios Stations (URS) monitored in the AO of the Fifth Brigade, 1st Air Cavalry. A-company of the First Battalion was responsible for patrolling a four square kilometer area approximately 20 kilometers S-SW of the city Tan Linh, and 41 kilometers SSE of a larger city, Vo Dat, all in Binh Tuy Province. The footage covers four days of the mission during which time no contact was made with the enemy, and no recent signs of enemy activity were discovered. The mission was cancelled at the end of this time. Log day. Captain Eugene J. White of Springfield, VA, A-1/5 commander is seen briefing his platoon leaders and NCOs in preparation for the patrol. Mail call, water, supplies are secured for the patrol. Logging continued. A scout dog, Casey, is brought in. Casey is handled by PFC Joe Ertel of Gary, Indiana. Casey is on his third «tour» in Vietnam. A company’s LZ lies approximately 500 meters from its patrol area, so the company must move out, separately by platoon, before setting up for the night. This roll ends as the second platoon, the Command Platoon, moves out. The method of this sweep consists of setting up temporary FOB sites (Field Observation Base) from which «Poppies» are dispached. These are squad size patrols that search the immediate area around the FOB. This roll is of such a poppy. Another poppy. The trail appears heavily, although not recently, used. An automatic ambush is set up. Back at the FOB site the men rest between poppies, read their mail still fresh from yesterday’s log, eat chow, and then go out on another. Walking point for the 2nd platoon is SP4 John Zalot, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Casey sniffed out some old NVA bunkers at an abandoned enemy base camp. We see a demonstration of Casey’s bunker searching technique, and then the first platoon puts the torch to the vacated hooches. After 3 days and another log day. First bird to arrive brings Lt. Col. Bill Burkhardt, 1/5 Commander, to the field where he confers with Capt. White and explains the details of A company’s new mission. Subsequent birds bring food, water, mail, and supplies. The company logged, it embarks on a Combat Assault. We see the men board the helicopters, and their arrival at their new AO.

101-я Десантная дивизия возвращается в долину Шау — 1970 год

Summary: First Footage 534′. LS, UH-1B helicopter coming in and landing on mountaintop fire support base. MS, American troops unload supplies from UH-1Bs and copter takes off. LS, soldiers carrying equipment and supplies to FSB AV, A Shau Valley from copter as it brings troops to landing zone Fury. VS, troops disembarking from UH-1Bs and the copters taking off. LS, pan of A Shau Valley as seen from landing zone Fury. MS, members of 327th Infantry Airborne Reg at landing zone watching air strikes before moving out. MS, troops climbing mountain in dense jungle. CU, troops on patrol in jungle. They walk in high brush. CU, two soldiers on reconnaissance patrol in jungle, fire M- 79 grenade launchers. CU, radio operator calling in platoon’s location. ELS, smoke grenades explode designating troop pickup zone for pull out. CU, troops walking in dense jungle en route to pickup zone. CU, platoon Sgt writing loading roster. LS, troops waiting at pickup zone. LS, UH-1Bs coming in for landing, troops embarking and the copters taking off. OPERATION FURY (101ST AIRBORNE DIV).: A Shau Valley, South Vietnam: 04/14/1971- 04/15/1971: 260′: MS, soldiers carrying supplies and equipment. Troops with their supplies are unloaded from UH-1Bs on fire support base atop mountain. LS, UH-lBs landing at A Shau Valley and troops disembarking. MS, troops starting on patrol in jungle. CU, radio operator talking over field telephone. CU, troops at night defensive positions in jungle. CU, troops moving thru high grass and jungle hills in search for enemy positions. MS, soldiers cutting foilage with machetes clearing area for landing zone. LS, UH-lB coming in for landing. MS, troops board copter and it takes off.

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